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  • I am 48 year old female Senior Executive; until recently I was the VP Marketing & Sales of a UK based FMCG multinational and member of the Global Leadership Team. Hired as a Market head in a small market I progressed to being a VP covering 50% of the world. Mid 2009 a new CEO was nominated, new to our business. Soon after, out of the blue, I was called into his office and informed that in 1 week later a new organization structure would be announced, where I would report one level lower into the newly appointed VP Global Marketing & Sales. Of course I was shocked and confused. I had heard about Paul Hiltermann through my network and decided to give him a call.

    MARY BORROWER VP Global Marketing and Sales
  • I am a Senior Executive for a Swiss based multinational corporation on international assignment within the EMEA region. I was offered a Talent Development plan as part of our Global Talent Development Program and consequently attended a Talent Development Workshop that included an individual performance assessment, plus Executive Coaching. My direct reports and my boss had given me some feedback on my sometimes overly modest leadership style but I quickly discarded this feedback as I did not see myself at all as being a shy or introverted leader.

    EMILIO MANCINI Regional Supply Chain manager EMEA
  • I am a 40 year old CEO and majority shareholder of a family owned retail business. The company exists since over 50 years and was established by my grand father. It has grown significantly recently from being a small local discount operation to now a national retail chain with over 30 outlets in Switzerland and over 300 employees. I am running the company for over 10 years now, but –as it grows bigger and bigger- I felt the lack of education and experience in moving the company and my Leadership to the next level.

    AUBREY LE COMPTE CEO Retail company
  • January 2009 I was promoted to the role of Managing Director of the French Market organization (+/- 800 employees) of a large FMCG multinational. During my 2010 mid-year appraisal the COO gave (totally unexpected) serious improvement feedback and maximally 6 months to improve my Leadership behavior; plus the opportunity to immediately embark on an intensive Leadership Development journey with Paul Hiltermann. I was fully surprised by this situation and could not see what I was doing so wrong to deserve this harsh appraisal.

    Bill Heather Jones
    Bill Heather Jones MD Business Unit France
  • After a few years dedicated to my role as Managing Director within a European Region Business Unit at one of the top three financial institutions in Switzerland I was suddenly confronted with a very negative appraisal, indicating that my Leadership Style was far from adequate and that my results were below par. I was offered a coaching program to improve my performance plus a deadline to show that I was indeed able to continue to perform at this level in the organization. The company brought me in contact with Paul Hiltermann.

    Craig Hill
    Craig Hill Managing Director BU European Region